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Are you writing for women or for men?
Attonement for women and men

I write for those elite few of either sex who are sufficiently evolved to recognise the truth of my Vision. Eventually all will learn to be guided by Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, rather than Mars, God of War.

Biological and spiritual evolution are processes of refinement, and as we evolve so we are able to experience a bliss more profound and more elevated than that of mere carnal pleasure...

And so, within these pages, will be displayed icons of glamour, to serve as inspiration to awaken your bodies, hearts, minds and souls to the bliss of Aphrodite!

Yet, the path is not an easy one. For guilt and shame are not so readily dropped. Before we can appreciate our Divine Nature, we must perhaps submit to the attentions of an enlightened Mistress...

A cruel Miss Tyrant, perhaps?

What do you think?

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