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I am worried and confused and have no idea what to do with my life. Can you help?
Active and receptive meditation

Remember that normal values are largely pointless. You are actually here to evolve in the different dimensions of experience. It is crucial that you start to appreciate and enhance the quality of your current experience. The best way to do this is through dress.

There are two basic modes of meditation through dress, which are those of exercise and relaxation.

To enjoy the bliss of active meditation, dress in resplendent silk and satin clothing and become body aware through the touch of the finest materials on your skin.

To experience the bliss of receptive meditation and attonement, you must learn to submit to bondage. In these pages, I will show you the way.

It helps to view appropriate images. As you can see in this illustration from Pleasure Bound your hands should be gloved in the finest kid leather, then strapped tightly together in prayer.

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