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PLEASURE BOUND - Book One (extract)

My heart was beating furiously with excited anticipation. I was not disappointed, for Marie came back with the strangest looking garment I ever hoped to see. It was made of extremely supple black kid and resembled closely a man's winter union suit with long sleeves and legs. The bottom part with the feet was more like a pair of tights such as those worn by circus girls. There were, however, certain differences. The front, open from the waist to the neck, did not have buttons but had small eyelets on each side and a thin, black kid lace with which to lace it up; again, there was a high collar that would probably cover the wearer's neck completely; while the garment had feet the sleeves ended with leather loops.

Marie bade me step into the garment, after she had carefully powdered my body to facilitate drawing the kid sheath over my limbs and body. Even so, it fit my legs and hips so tightly, it took Marie quite a while to work the garment over them. When it was finally on, I felt a delicious sensation of the tight imprisonment of the cool, kid sheath over my feet and legs, whereupon Marie proceeded to work my arms into the tight sleeves. The looped thongs at the end pressed between the second and third fingers of my hands to keep the sleeves immovably in place.

When Marie had finished lacing the garment up in front, I found the supple kid sheathed my body and limbs so tightly I felt as if I had a second skin, but the sensation was delightful and strongly exciting.

"There, mademoiselle, now that we have your undergarment on, we can proceed with the rest of your costume. Please follow me." She then opened the bathroom door, putting out the light as she passed through.

I followed, my heart thumping, into the dressing room, where I noticed several of the doors in the mirrorless wall opened. Estelle and Helen were waiting patiently, seated next to each other on a sofa.

"What do you wish first, mademoiselle Estelle?" Marie enquired.

"The gloves, I think, Marie."

Marie led me to a leather padded bench and bidding me to sit down she entered one of the closets. I could see it was lined with cabinets, each with many drawers and I surmised those contained gloves of all sizes and lengths.

Estelle confirmed this as she caught my glance.

"We have hundreds of pairs of gloves, all different sizes to fit any girl's hands and arms, but all the same leather and style, since they are all very long and of black kid leather to cover the arms completely."

I watched Marie consult her notebook, and going to a drawer, she opened it and took out a pair of the long, black kid gloves. She came back to where I was sitting and started working one of them on my arms.

"I will help you, Marie. It is getting late and we should let our Joan get acquainted with her room-mate before bed time." Helen volunteered, at the same time getting up and sitting on my other side, she picked up the other glove and worked it onto my other arm, for she seemed to derive some delight in handling and manoeuvring the soft, pliant kid.

After quite a struggle because of their tightness and because of the tight kid sleeves of the garment, the gloves were finally on and smoothed from my finger tips to my shoulders. I noticed, instead of closing at the wrists with the usual buttons, there were small eyelets on either side of the vents, through which were threaded fine kid laces and these the girls proceeded to lace up tightly about my wrists, knotting the laces, then cutting the ends short.

I found the gloves fit my hands and arms so tightly, I could not close my fingers into fists, thus giving me a delightful sense of helplessness, which increased when the girls laced up the slits at the top of the long gloves near my shoulders, thereby keeping them firmly and smoothly stretched all the way up. With the double thickness of kid now tightly sheathing my arms, I was prevented from bending my elbows more than at right angles. I was sure I would not be able to raise my hands to my face, and I wondered how I was supposed to manage feeding and other things.

The girls' next move did not leave me in any doubt that for the time being anyway, I wasn't supposed to use my hands for anything, for Marie took from her belt two long, narrow black leather straps.

"Stand up please, mademoiselle, in front of me with your back to me and cross your wrists behind you," she ordered.

I did not know what to do or say, for though the thought of having my hands tied behind me again was not unpleasant, the humiliation of submitting them to be bound by the little maid caused me uneasiness. However, I knew that any resistance would be quickly overcome, not only because of the tight kid garment and the long, tightly fitted gloves, which robbed me not only of some of my strength, but of my will to resist as well. Besides, I had no desire to risk any punishment for disobedience at this time. Therefore, since there was nothing I could do, I complied with Marie's request half reluctantly and half excitedly, though I could not help exclaiming:

"I did not think that I would have to have my hands strapped behind me again that soon!"

"We find it necessary to keep our pupils' hands tied behind them to prevent them from tampering with their rather strict costumes. Besides, we have found it an excellent method to train our girls in posture and submissiveness," replied Estelle, as Marie proceeded with her work.

The little maid circled my gloved, crossed wrists twice with one of the narrow straps, winding it about them from left to right and passed the end through the small leather-covered steel buckle at the other end and after pulling it tight, buckled it. She did not buckle it as tightly as she could however, for there was enough play left so she could force my hands up my back a bit, until she had my wrists crossing each other at exactly right angles, then while Estelle, who had taken Helen's place, held my arms in that position, she wound the second narrow strap twice about my crossed wrists perpendicularly to the strap that already bound them, passing it between my arms and the little fingers of my crossed, gloved hands, so that when she pulled it tight and buckled it, the straps formed a cross and passed between the four intersections formed by my crossed wrists. This accomplished, Marie started to tighten the straps alternately, jerking them successively one hole further until she could tighten them no further and finally buckled them. I found the four leather loops bound my wrists over each other so tightly I could neither raise nor lower my hands, thus leaving my bound wrists resting on the base of my spine.

As Marie tightened the straps, I experienced the same sensation of humiliation I had when Estelle had tied my wrists together behind me, earlier, with the cord, and I stood there, my head hanging. I found, though the straps were not nearly as uncomfortable as the tight cords due in part to the double thickness of kid, my wrists were bound just as immovably and hence my feeling of helplessness was if anything more acute as I tried without success to move my hands to alter the unrelenting pressure of the four leather loops circling my crossed wrists.

"It won't do you any good to struggle," Estelle advised, "unless you like to, like some of our girls. So you may as well become reconciled to the fact that your hands will remain tied behind your back until we choose to release them. The sooner you get used to not being able to use your hands, the better it will be." Then, turning to Marie she asked the latter to bring several of the leather gags.

"Oh!" I exclaimed, "Why am I to be gagged? I haven't done anything."

"You will learn that questioning our methods is not the only offence here," Estelle answered. "Our pupils are gagged whenever we think it advisable, as well as bound in any manner we see fit, and any form of resistance is immediately punished. However, as you are not yet acquainted with our rules, this time I'll let this incident pass."

Marie, who had gone to the supply closet, returned with three long straps, all similarly fashioned. They were of black kid and about four inches wide, except that about a foot from the buckle end they tapered in width to three and a half inches, and to each was attached a conical, pear-shaped black leather pad. There were holes in the middle of these straps as well as in the ends.

Estelle drew me down on the bench beside her and ordered me to open my mouth. I couldn't do anything but obey, though I didn't relish the thought of my mouth being stuffed with the uncomfortable and large looking leather pad, but remembering Estelle's previous remarks and knowing that if I did not submit passively I would be forcibly gagged, and in addition acquire more fearful punishment. The prospects were both too humiliating and too frightening to risk.

Marie chose one of the straps and inserted the leather pad between my teeth, then forced it into my mouth. She had some difficulty in forcing the entire pad into my mouth and when she finally got it beyond my teeth it filled my mouth quite fully, but unfortunately Estelle was not satisfied and, prodding my cheeks, she said:

"There's still some empty space in Jane's mouth that could be filled. Take the gag out and try the next bigger size."

Taking it out was even more difficult than forcing it in, and Marie had to use a sort of leather covered tweezers to help her, forcing the prongs under and over the gag which had such resilience that it must have been made of rubber covered with kid. As Marie exerted pressure with the tweezers, the cone flattened out enough so that she could grasp it with her finger and finally pull it out from my teeth.

Even before I had a chance to close my mouth, Marie had inserted a larger sized pad between my teeth, and after great exertion in squeezing the base she managed to force it all into my mouth. This gag was so large, even with my jaws forced as far apart as they would go, it couldn't resume its original round shape at its base, for on one side it depressed my tongue to the floor of my mouth and on the other pressed against the palate, and the small end nearly touched my tonsils in the base of my throat. Luckily, having things stuffed in my mouth or having my tongue depressed does not bother me like some people. Nevertheless, it was intensely humiliating to have to submit to Marie's fitting of the gag, much like a horse being fitted with a bit.

Once in, I know realized that even if it were not tied into my mouth there was no possible way I could eject the gag without using my fingers, so tightly did it pack my mouth. In a moment, I realized Estelle had not intention that it be removed at least for the time being, for after she satisfied herself I couldn't stand a larger gag, Marie passed the strap to which it was attached behind my head, passed the long end through the buckle, then pulled it tight and buckled it in one of the centre holes. As she tightened the strap, the gag was forced further back into my mouth and at the same time the tightening of the narrow strip between my teeth forced my to clamp down on the gag, thus further distending it out of shape, so that it filled my mouth completely from cheek to cheek, from teeth to tonsils, and from the roof of my mouth to my tongue, which was now tightly squeezed against the floor of my mouth. It was highly uncomfortable but so effective that only the smallest sounds could pass my lips. Even these were entirely eliminated as Marie wound the long side once more around my head, covering my mouth from nostrils to chin, then buckling it tightly at the nape of my head. Tears of frustration and humiliation welled up in my eyes.

"Better control yourself, Joan, tears will not help you except to make it more difficult to breathe through your nose, so you may as well try to accustom yourself to the gag as quickly as possible."

The matter of factness in her little speech, the return of the pleasurable feeling that my helplessness engendered was sufficient to check my childish tears and though far from comfortable, my curiosity and excitement as to what would happen next, made me forget the discomfort for the moment.

Helpless, with my wrists bound behind my back, and soundless with the stifling kid gag strapped into my mouth, I excitedly watched Marie go into still another closet and when she came out, I would have uttered a cry of excited delight, for she returned with a pair of the long-legged, high heeled, black kid, laced thigh-boots, that had thrilled me so much when I had first seen them on the bound messenger in my apartment.

I was now forced on my kid-covered feet by Marie, and Helen came forward to assist her in lacing them up, each girl concentrating on one leg. Even so, threading and tightening the laces took the girls a good half-hour.

Marie and Helen did not thread the laces all the way up at once. Instead, when they had laced the boots up to my knees, they started from the vamp again and began tightening the laces as tightly as they could force the edges of the boots together. When the girls had tightened the laces up to my knees to the utmost limit and double knotted them, I fully experienced for the first time, the delightful sensation of a tightly laced knee-boot, for they sheathed my limbs so tightly, I could hardly move my feet, as my insteps and ankles were held rigidly straight by the tight lacing and my calves were constricted so severely, the muscles of my legs had entirely lost their ability to function.

This sensation of delightful restriction was doubled when the girls proceeded to thread the upper portions of the boots that encompassed my thighs. However, they did not tighten them as tightly as they could have, thus permitting me to bend my knees strangely enough to right angles, even further with some effort. I learned later, the boots the girls laced on me were of the supplest of black kid, which were quite a little bit more flexible and pliable than the thigh boots the little messenger wore, which were of the thicker calf. These, I found out, were the punishment boots, while those I now wore were the regulation ones to go with our costumes. But I realized, even with the kid boots, there was very little leg movement permitted when they were laced up to the limit about the knee caps.

I was somewhat surprised when Marie, kneeling down by my feet, took from her girdle belt, two leather cuffs joined together by a foot-long, stout thong, and strapped them tightly about my ankles, thus hobbling my feet effectively, but Estelle explained:

"Our girls have to learn to take small, lay-like steps and the easiest way to teach them is to make it impossible for them to take longer ones than twelve inches."

If I hadn't been gagged, I would have been sorely tempted to remark that hobbling the girls also had the effect of making them a little more helpless, which probably would have cost me a penalty of some sort for freshness. So, in a way, it was a good thing I couldn't utter a sound.

My legs and arms were now completely sheathed in their double thickness of tight constricting kid and rendered quite effectively helpless, there remained only to be fitted with the garment which Marie was now bringing from still another closet.

It was a short, black kid corset, with a harness arrangement opening in front instead of in the back, with curved, triangular pieces in front and back, ending in a strap joining the two ends of the triangles. From the top of the garment at the back, led a strap to the end of which was attached a wide leather collar. At the top of the corset grille, in front, was another strap which could be buckled to this collar, once the collar was fixed about the wearer's neck.

Helped to my feet, I was made to step through the openings between the bottom strap and the girls pulled the garment up over my hips, causing the bottom strap to be pulled tight between my legs.

No time was wasted in lacing the garment from my waist to just below my breasts so tightly I could hardly breathe, and compressing my waist at least six inches. Then the girls buckled the collar about my neck, which was so high it prevented me from lowering my head. When the strap leading up from the top of the garment in front was buckled to it, the girls proceeded to adjust the straps by tightening them further, particularly the one joining the corset and collar in the back and the one between my legs, with the result that I couldn't bend my body forward without the collar about my neck choking me.

"Just one more little thing and you'll be all set," Estelle said, as Marie drew from her belt two narrow, black kid straps.

I wondered what these were for, until I noticed in the mirror, the small, kid-covered rings at the top of the corset, one on either side and one in the middle of my back, and I guessed that the movement of my arms was to be further impeded. I was right in this, for Marie proceeded to strap my elbows tightly to my sides, passing the narrow straps through the side rings and about my upper arms, just above the elbows, so that all motion of my arms was prohibited with my crossed wrists, which were already very tightly bound behind me. All I could manage to do, was to wriggle my fingers a bit. I recollect, as I stood there, my body and limbs tightly sheathed in the supple kid, that even if I had been entirely free, I would not have been able to move my limbs, but with difficulty; but as in addition, my arms and hands were securely bound behind me, a choking gag strapped tightly about my mouth and my ankles were closely hobbled, a spasm of fear overcame me, as I caught sight of my utter helplessness in the mirror, leaving me weak.

Second extract

"It's nine o'clock mademoiselle, and time to prepare you girls for bed"

Each of our maids snapped leashes to the rings on our high leather collars and pulled us out of the room - their helplessly bound and gagged captives. We were led into a long narrow room with windows at each end and six closets. What struck me however was the peculiar looking furniture lined up against one of the walls. Instead of comfortable beds, there were six narrow leather-padded benches, much like gym horses, except longer and each of them was furnished with a half dozen strong leather straps. Three pairs of short legs held up each of these benches at about three feet from the floor. The only other furniture in the room were backless stools with leather-covered seats furnished with a wide leather strap.

My eyes opened wide as I saw that strapped face down on top of two of the leather benches, were two girls I assumed to be Mildred and Alice, for they were unrecognisable, due to the leather helmets that covered their heads and faces. Their bodies and legs were also completely encased in shiny, black leather, so that all that was visible were outlines of a female figure with arms drawn behind it, so that the elbows and forearms touched and I wondered whether we were to spend the night in such a rigidly bound position. We were then prepared for bed.

Marie proceeded to untie my ankles, stretch my legs out straight and with another strap fastened my ankles securely together. Then, unknotting the laces of my thigh-boots, she loosened them to below the knee and immediately re tightened them to such an extent I could barely bend my legs at all. This done, Marie strapped my knees and thighs as tightly together as she could pull and buckle the straps. I found my legs bound so tightly I could only move them as one. Unfastening the strap that held me down on my back to the stool, she turned me over on my face on top of the stool and passed the strap across my back under my bound arms at the waist, pinning me down again.

Marie then loosened the straps that held my elbows to my sides and unbuckled the strap wound perpendicularly about my crossed bound wrists. For a moment I thought she was going to free my hands altogether, but I was soon disappointed in this surmise, when Marie proceeded to force my elbows together in the small of my back, and binding them tightly together she fastened them to the ring in my corset against my back.

Only then did she remove the remaining strap with which my hands were bound, just to change the position of my hands by placing them palm to palm, then fastening them tightly together around the wrists with the strap she had removed.

This was my first experience of having my elbows bound together in the small of my back, and though I had surmised it couldn't be very comfortable from the way Yvette had described it and the strained appearance of her arms and of the other girl's arms, whose elbows as well as their wrists had been strapped together behind them, I hadn't quite realised how uncomfortable those girls were, for it forced my shoulders back at an unnatural angle, the strain on them being further intensified by my bound elbows being fastened immovably against my back.

However, there wasn't a thing I could do to alter my situation, nor could I utter a sound of protest.

Not satisfied that I couldn't move my arms in the slightest degree, Marie further immobilized my hands too, by tying my fingers together with narrow straps, thumb to thumb, little finger to little finger, etc. Then, to make it extremely difficult for me to bend at the hips, she joined the strap binding my wrists to the strap about my thighs with another short strap, pulling my wrists as closely to my thighs as she could.

I was now almost completely immobilized, so effectively and tautly had Marie pinioned my arms and legs. However, I was to be still further immobilized before I was left alone to sleep. Marie unloosened the two cords passing through pulleys in the ceiling, lowered them, then buckling the strap that secured me to the stool, she lifted me to my feet and snapped the hooks attached to the end of the ropes to the rings in my leather collar below each ear. Pressing two buttons in the wall, she set in motion the machinery that wound the ropes which gradually pulled me off the floor as the ropes shortened. Marie stopped it when I was hanging by my neck, my feet a few inches from the floor. I wasn't alone in this ordeal, for Laura and Yvette were pulled up in a similar position a few seconds later and Anne had preceded me by about the same length of time. There we hung bound and gagged captives, as helpless as though we had been stuffed mannequins.

Our maids, going to our respective closets, came back with what they jokingly referred to as our sleeping bags. These were of stiff, thick, black calf, shaped like a slender female form, with but a single narrow leg formed like a double high heeled boot, that was open from ankle to neck and could be closed to the desired tightness by leather laces threaded through the hundreds of eyelets on each side of the garment.

Marie inserted my bound feet in the opening at the top, the garment being loosely laced from the ankle of the double boot to the waist, and pulled it up my body while standing on a little stool to pull it up to my neck. Then she lowered the ropes again until I stood on my feet but keeping the ropes taut enough to prevent me from falling down, whereupon, she started tightening the laces from the ankles up.

As she tightened them, the thick leather constricted my legs with unrelenting pressure from my toes to my hips. So tightly did Marie lace the garment about my booted knees that my legs were held absolutely stiff by the unyielding black calf.

Marie then proceeded to lace the garment up to my neck, tightening the laces to the utmost, my body was constricted in the same manner, the leather crushing my already immobilized hands and arms tightly against my body. When Marie finally pulled the laces tight about my neck, all but my head was so tightly laced in my leather "sleeping bag", it was impossible to make the slightest motion of my limbs or body, particularly since Marie had already bound me so tightly before, so as to deprive me of all use of my arms and legs.

Marie had unhooked the ropes attached to the rings in my leather collar before lacing the sleeping bag about my neck. As she lifted and carried me to my leather-covered couch, I noticed that around the neck-piece of my garment was a half-dozen small buckles, the use for which I was soon to learn.

Marie laid my helpless body face down on my bench, while Laura was similarly placed on her bench on my left and Yvette on her bench on my right, while Anne was served in similar fashion next to Laura.

As I had judged, the bench was only about the width of my two legs at their narrowest at the ankles, that is about a foot wide, so that most of my body overlapped on each side, my head resting on the end. It was just long enough to reach from the instep of my double boot to the top of my head, the toe of the garment overlapping the foot end, thus permitting my legs to lie flat against the bench from the beginning of the instep to my hips. At the edge of the foot end was a wide strap under which the toe of the double boot fitted. When Marie pulled it tight, my toes were held firmly and immovably against the perpendicular edge of the bench. She then proceeded to strap me tightly to the bench with the numerous straps attached to it at the ankles, knees, thighs, across my bound arms at the waist and elbows and about my chest near the shoulders. When she had finished, I was crushed so motionlessly to the bench, so that bound and laced in as I was, I couldn't even twitch. I still could move my head a bit, but Marie took care of this too, for she went again to my closet and came back with a leather casque, similar to those covering Alice's and Mildred's heads and faces.

As she brought it near me, I saw it opened in the back from the crown to the wide neck-piece, and had lacings like the sleeping corset with which to fasten it tightly to the wearer's head. In addition, it had half a dozen short straps attached to the neck-piece, which I guessed were to be buckled to the corresponding buckles in the collar of the tightly laced garment. There was another longer strap fixed to the crown of the casque, the use of which I couldn't guess.

The casque was made of black kid calf and the front was shaped like a human face with no openings that I could see. Moreover, there were three thicker wide bands, one across where the mouth should be, another across where the eyes should be and one perpendicular to the first two passing under the chin and up each side of the face. All three of these bands of leather had holes punched into them at one end, while at the other end they had buckles which were fastened to the casque.

My apprehension grew as Marie laid the instrument on my back while she unfastened the buckle of the strap which secured the gag in my mouth and finally took the large leather object out of it. I was too helplessly enervated to even try to talk. It was a good thing I didn't, for Anne, who was an irrepressible talker got two demerits when her gag was removed by her maid for just saying "Good night, friends," before the casque was fitted over her head.

Marie took from her pouch two little plugs of flexible leather, which she pushed into my ears, thus stopping them so completely and effectively, no sound penetrated to my eardrums. Then picking up the casque, she lifted my head and held it over my face.

Attached to the inner wide of the wide strap which would cover my mouth, was a large, kid-covered object, similar in size and shape to the gag that Marie had just taken out of my mouth, in effect, a choke-pear. I also saw, to the wide band above it, were attached two leather pads, which were apparently to press against my eyes.

Submissively, because there wasn't anything else to do, I opened my mouth while Marie pulled the casque tightly over my face, thus forcing the large gag into my mouth and the leather pads over my closed eyes. As Marie started to lace it tightly from the crown down to my neck, I noticed I could breathe quite easily through my nose, because of the small holes punched in the casque under my nostrils; but nevertheless, the sensation of the tightening kid over my head and face gave me a weird sensation of utter helplessness, for now I was deprived not only of all power of motion of my limbs and body, but of my senses of hearing, seeing and speaking as well. In other words, I was deaf, dumb and blind. The only one of my senses still remaining was that of smell, and all I could smell was the all pervading pungent odour of kid.

When Marie had finally finished lacing the casque, my face felt as if I were in the midst of a facial - so tightly was the leather pulled over it, I couldn't move a muscle, but the casque became more uncomfortable when Marie adjusted and tightened the three bands I have already described. First, she buckled tightly the wide band about my eyes, thus pressing the leather-covered pads more firmly against my eyeballs, thereby making it impossible for me to even flutter my eye-lids. Next, the strap under my chin was tightened, forcing me to bite down on the gag in my mouth. When finally buckled I couldn't move a muscle of my jaws. Finally, she tightened the wide band across my mouth to which the gag was attached, thus crushing my lips against my teeth, and buckled it at the nape of my neck.

Having laced the casque and buckled its adjusting straps to the desired tightness, Marie turned my head sideways to the left, my right cheek against the bench, and held it there while fastening the strap fixed to the bench across my neck. To prevent any movement of my head at all, the strap fixed to the crown of the casque was pulled down and apparently buckled to a ring set in the head of the narrow leather bench, for I found I could now budge my head no better than the rest of my body, which was not a fraction of an inch.

What was happening around me now was of total unconcern to me, for unable to see, hear, speak or move, I was only able to feel and reflect upon the sensation of exceedingly tight and absolutely motionless bondage incurred by constricting leather garments and stout leather straps. The sensation was so novel, so different, it left me limp and so exhausted, I soon fell asleep.