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Rita's School For Discipline - Illustrated by Stanton

Betty Page in Bondage - with 32 bondage poses of Betty Page + 32 additional Photos

Bondage Society's Gala Club Ball - Illustrated by Eneg

Bound in Leather - Book One - Illustrated by Stanton

Bound in Leather - Book Two - Illustrated by Stanton

Captives of the Scientists - with 16 pages of text and illustrations by Mario

Corsets, Collars and Chains: a survey of non-criminal restraints by John Francis Trelawny

Cruel Mrs Tyrant's Finishing School - Illustrated by Stanton

Duchess of the Bastille - Illustrated by Stanton

Femme Mimic Tied By Dominant Woman - Illustrated by Jim

Fifi Chastises Her Maids - Illustrated by Stanton

Frederique: a Youth Transformed - Illustrated Book

Girls' Figure Training Academy - Illustrated by Stanton

Jasmin - Illustrated by Stanton and Omar

Kimono Bound - with 28 photos of kimono clad girls tightly bound, and some gagged

Ladies in Rubber - Illustrated by Eneg

Leather Boot Club - Book with 43 illustrations by Stanton

Leather Sheath Bondage - with 13 photos by Klaw

Leather Sheath Bondage Movie - by Klaw

Lori's London Vacation (Bound as a Human Display Mannequin) - Illustration by Eneg

Madame Discipline - with 30 pages of text and illustrations by Stanton

Male to Female - The story of a man forced to impersonate a female in tight corsetry, high heeled boots, and a latex rubber hood - with 22 B/Wh photos

Misfortunes of Muriel - Illustrated by Mory

Miss High Heels (Escape into Bondage) -Book with illustrations by Stanton

My Life in Corsets by Danny, with illustrations

Perils of the Skin Diver - Illustrated by Eneg

Pleasure Bound - Book One - Illustrated by Stanton

Pleasure Bound - Book Two - Illustrated by Stanton

Priscilla, Queen of Escapes - with 132 illustrations by Stanton

Sound Advice to Mothers and Governesses Regarding Corset Discipline for the Beginner

Terrified Captives Sold into Slavery - Illustrated by Jim

Thigh Boot Bondage - with 22 photos by Klaw

The Reluctant Heiress by Art Forster - Illustration by John Willie

Villa Excentrica - 23 illustrations of rubber and leather bondage by Tom

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